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Adult Classes

Sundays at 10:10 AM

Session 3 runs from January-February. Registration begins in late December, classes begin in early January. 

Going Deeper Into the Sermon
Instructor: Pastor Kevin Gourley
Class begins January 8, runs for 8 weeks
This 8 week class is designed for those who long to go deeper in their understanding of the Bible. Utilizing the sermon of the week, this class will undertake a more detailed exposition of the scripture text. This session will focus on The Lord's Prayer.
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The Fruits of the Spirit
Instructor: Deb Gallo
Class begins January 8, runs for 8 weeks
The Fruit of the Spirit class will explore the 9 qualities which make up Christian character through the Holy Spirit. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit in each of us develops these qualities in our lives. The class will use Selwyn Hughes study guide “Fruit of the Spirit, Growing More Like Jesus”. The book is available on or

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Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family
Instructors: Carly Taylor and John Gourley
Class begins January 8, runs for 15 weeks
Are my kids getting enough vegetables? Do they do enough activities? Have I read enough Bible stories to them? Memorized enough scripture with them? Do they do enough with the Youth Group? Am I a good parent? Am I raising a good kid? If you’re anything like us, you question and second guess every move you make as a parent. But what if parenting isn’t about checking all of the right boxes in order to raise a good kid? What if parenting is about the relentless and rescuing grace of God? Join us in this class, as we allow Christ to free us from the burden we place on ourselves, and live into the fullness of the Gospel as Parents. Whether you are a Parent, Grandparent, God Parent, or Prospective Parent, all are welcome to join this class as we read and discuss Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp. The book is available on Christian or

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Christopher Class
Instructor: John & Rhea Christopher
Class continues January 8
A Study of the Minor Prophet Hosea: “The prophesy of Hosea comes first in the Biblical order of the Minor Prophets. Rightly so. It is not the first of the twelve either to be written or spoken, but it is first in regard to its message, being what I have called ‘the second greatest story in the Bible.’ No Christian can doubt that the greatest story in the Bible is the story of the incarnation, life, suffering, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. But the story of Hosea is second precisely because it is an anticipation in pageant form of Christ’s story.” (James Montgomery Boice, The Minor Prophets, Vol.1: An Expositional Commentary, Hosea-Jonah, page 13, 1983, Baker Books). Our class will investigate the message of Hosea to see how it reflects the message of the Gospel.

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Pugliese Class: Effective Discipleship While Persevering in Faith
Instructor: Pete Pugliese
Class continues January 8
More than ever, effective discipleship while persevering in faith is essential to the health of anyone who proclaims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Our time in His word is what helps prepare us to take on the challenges before us. The world is in need of the gospel. The hope that it offers is life giving. Are we ready to take this message into the world? We must live into the gospel if we are going to be voices for the gospel. During this session we will study 2 Thessalonians.

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